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Fix: App on your PC needs the following feature – .NET Framework 3.5

Hello, for windows operating system users especially windows 8 and later you probably faced this problem about .Net Framework 3.5 missing on you computer. Actually in happens when your trying to install a new software/ app on your computer.The .NET Framework is created by Microsoft and provides an environment for running applications. There are different versions available. Many companies develop their apps to run using the .NET Framework, and these apps target a specific version. If you see this pop-up, you’re trying to run an application that requires the .NET Framework version 3.5, but that version is not installed on your system.

How to solve the issue?, Follow me!!

  1. Connect your computer to the internet
  2. Press windows key and search for Windows Features.
  3. Click on “Turn windows features on or off” then on a pop window scroll, search for “Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1” check it.

Click OK, seat back and relax let the windows do its work! done.


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