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VLC Media Player (formerly VideoLAN Client) is a highly portable free multimedia player for various audio and video formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, and OGG, as well as for DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It also can be used as a server for unicast or multicast streams in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.

VLC Media Player have so many features, but am going to share one of them, which you are going to like it, trust me.

Download SUBTITLES using VLC Media player.

The program is able to download the subtitle of the movie/episode on the go, I mean while your watch your video. All you need is a Computer with internet connection, vlc itself and a file you need to download subtitle.


1. Connect your computer to the internet

2. Browse/ open the file to play
-for me her I loaded the file (Vampire Diaries S05E10) as you can see

Video with no subtitle

Movie on screen

3. On the menu click on view and select Subtitle download/ VLsub on the drop down list of options

4. A small window will pop up on the screen with the name of the movie, and if it’s a season episode. It will automatic fill the boxes with the name, season and episode and in case it didnt you can type it there.pop up window

5.On the right hand side of the small window, there are two options. Search by harsh and Search by name. Both option works fine but I recommend you to use Search by name is cool. From there it will load and display the result in a mean time.

6.From search results just select one of them and hit download selection button,

7. your subtitle file will download and saved to the location of the movie file and loaded on the vlc screen.

8. The subtitle file is saved automatically; there is no need to download again. This time it will be loaded as you open your movie

That is it.  Thanks,

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